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Welcome to Ambition Digital Radio – #ADR000 – Ambition Digital Radio

Welcome to Ambition Digital Radio – #ADR000

Welcome to Ambition Digital Radio

Ambition Digital Radio is a Personal Development Movement & Podcast in the works. But this description doesn’t do it any justice. What Ambition Digital Radio is trying to do is to create a place where people seeking improvement can come and join something bigger than themselves. We want to spread a message, a message that helps to fill the gaps that formal education and societal teachings have missed. So that if you’re a high-schooler, college student or young working adult, you can find a place to develop the skills that we believe are heavily missing in greater society.

My name is Paul Gray, and I have created this website and personal development movement with a few reasons in mind, as well as a few goals I want to achieve with this brand. The first and most important reason for starting this movement is to have a central place to share all the knowledge and learning I come across. These are things that I believe to be incredibly important to be a ‘well-rounded member of society’ that gives value to his/her community and maintains an outlook that will leave the world a better place for them being in it. An example of this would be, creating a community outreach project or developing one’s patience through meditation or mindfulness. Which in turn leaves people around us happier and more fulfilled with our interactions.

Plans & Goals

My Reasons & Goals for the Movement. I created Ambition Digital Radio due to necessity, and in that, I mean something along the lines of, filling a gap that I, myself wanted to be filled. After having been through the general schooling system, a couple of degrees, and engaging with various forms of informal education, I have this belief that society isn’t the way it should be. By this, I mean that we can all observe various problems in our communities, from governmental structures to health issues and things. One example is something I’ve named the ‘cellphone epidemic’. Most of these issues can be simply fixed or at least become common concern, but they don’t.

I believe that this stems from a lack of education or at least knowledge transfer in some way. So my drive with this personal development movement is to fill that gap, and educate, be it through knowledge I have picked up or by talking to experts and those knowledgeable in the skills that it’ll take to start rectifying this problem.

So my goal, is to create a movement of 10,000 people who have like-minded views and want to help make a difference. A difference I believe that starts from within, so in order to change the world, we must change ourselves. We must become someone of value, who is driven by their passion, which will ultimately makes a difference.

Besides this goal, I want to create and establish a movement, that is equipped with the skills and knowledge to make this difference. To do this I need to create consistent content, develop guides and eventually create both a course and membership site. These function as way for those who are serious about making a difference, great value, which in turn will give value to others in their sphere of influence.

My definition for Ambition (Personal Development)

When coming up with ideas for this website and movement, I settled on the word ambition because I feel that the meaning of the word has become warped, creating a sort of unhealthy view of what ambition is, and I wish to see it as something more positive, what it should actually stand for. Most people have the idea in their heads of ambition being the epitome of the American dream, you know, chasing success (or a perceived belief that’s what success is) no matter the cost, picture Tom Buchanan of the Great Gatsby or Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen’s Character in the 1987 film, Wall Street). I am not a fan of this definition of ambition, because it doesn’t give the world any value and it certainly doesn’t create well-rounded, healthy individuals.


My definition is something a little more focused on personal development and in-turn societal change/development. I believe that ambition, yes, does include drive and hard-work but to the outcome of something that gives your community and greater society value and improvement. I believe that ambition should be the pursuit of value, driven by passion, and contributes to a life well-lived.

Ambition: The Movement

So Ambition, as both a movement and a website, is primarily a content producer. In creating content relative to our greater theme and engaging with relevant authorities on specific topics, we hope to create a body of work that can aid and guide anyone who come across it’s influence. Our main medium is Podcasting though, as it gives a place to engage fully with topics, is easily digestible and offers more room for interpretation than a simple blog post would. We will also have a blog, which will share the show notes for all podcasts and be a space to share information that can be consumed where podcasts can’t (i.e. where you can read your phone, but wouldn’t be able to wear earphones).


Most importantly, we don’t want Ambition to be a one-sided media outlet. The whole reason we created this Movement is to engage like-minded individuals and chat with people who want to make a difference in their lives and in others’. In order to achieve this type of community, we will have a Facebook Group where everyone can engage, and eventually, we will create our own space for the movement.

I hope after reading this wordy exchange that you have some sense of what Ambition is all about and what we plan to do. If this resonates with you, do stick around (this is just the start) and engage with us (comment below, join the Facebook group, or you can personally email me).

To the Future of Ambition!


Creator of Ambition Digital Radio